Add more inserts to your existing inline or circular inserting machine without moving jacket station or delivery!

  • Easily Runs Light-Weight, Odd-Shaped, and Glossy Inserts ranging in size from 4-by-6 inches to 12-by-14 inches.
  • User Friendly Components, such as "tool-less" feeder set up, and pullout/dropdown panels for easy access to major components, to simplify operation and maintenance.
  • Modular Kansa Twister-M2 can be expanded in two-pocket Add On Units.
  • Easier Zoning by utilizing additional capacity to preset zoned inserts instead of changeover and setup delays during production.
  • Reduces Labor Cost by allowing easier loading of multiple pockets.
  • Less Expensive per feeder than other manufacturer's add-ons.
  • Increases Net Speeds by inserting a collated package into the jacket. This drives the inserts to the spine, minimizing fly-up and static problems.

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    New and Remanufactured Equipment is available!


    Buying from the manufacturer ensures your machine meets stringent standards using only factory fabricated and authorized parts - with the patents to prove it! Remanufactured Kansa equipment is built to original fabrication and manufacturing standards.



    Toolless, fingetip adjustable stack guides.


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    Kansa's original replacement parts are made to exacting standards. This ensures the customer will receive the high quality, reliable replacement parts they have come to expect from Kansa.


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  • Add more inserts with your existing circular or inline inserting machine
  • Add inserting stations without moving the jacket station or delivery
  • Collate and feed up to 8 inserts
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Pullout service bay
  • Indicator light for low/no air pressure
  • Modular design comes in two station units
  • Handles difficult inserts such as glossy single sheets, die cuts, and slick glossy tabs
  • CE Compliant