Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Faced with the ever-competitive markets, many companies are choosing to outsource their metal fabrication and assembly needs. Kansa Technology provides contract manufacturing services ranging from CNC machining, metal fabrication, welding and electro-static powder painting to complete turn-key mechanical and electrical machine assembly. We are a centrally located, full service, non-union fabrication shop dedicated to fulfilling your machining, metal forming and assembly requirements. Kansa Technology’s highly trained engineering and manufacturing staff has the ability to take your project from concept to completion providing precise work to your exact standards throughout every step of the project.

CNC Machining

  • One – Johnford 63"x 45" CNC Vertical Mills
  • One – Fadal 40"x 20" CNC Vertical Mills
  • One – Hurco 40"x 20" CNC Vertical Mills
  • Two - Mazak CNC Lathes, 12" X 40" Cap.
  • One - Nichols Horizontal Slitting Machine

  • Metalforming

  • One - Wysong 100 Ton X 10 Ft. Hydraulic with Press Brake Backgage, Ram Axis and Adjustable Crown Die Block
  • One - Pacific 110 Ton X 10 Ft. Hydraulic Press Brake with Backgage and Adjustable Crown Die Block
  • One - American Hercules ¼” X 10 Ft. Hydraulic Shear with Backgage
  • One - Ramco 36" Wide Belt Sander
  • One - Wiedemann 54-Station, 30-Ton CNC Turret Punch Press with Auto Sheet-Repositioning Capability

  • Welding

  • GMAW - Gas metal arc (MIG) welding
  • GTAW - Gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding
  • SMAW – Shielded metal arc welding
  • Oxy-fuel cutting and welding
  • Resistance spot and stud welding

  • Electrostatic Powder Painting

  • Two-stage part cleaning wash station
  • Dual bay manual paint booth
  • Automated paint curing oven
  • Powder Coat - Part Size Capacity

  • Engineering Services

    Kansa Technology offers a full range of engineering services from facility and equipment layouts, Computer-Aided Drafting utilizing state-of-the-art Solid Modeling software to programming services including PLC, custom Graphical User Interfaces, robotics and servo-based control system platforms.

    Laser Engraving & Direct Part Marking

    Call about our laser engraving and direct part marking service! We utilize state-of-the-art fiber laser technology to provide permanent laser etched and engraved marks for part identification, logo and decorative designs, 1-D and 2-D barcode, UID (Unique Identification) as well as part traceability for industries including military, automotive and other industrial sectors. For additional information regarding a fiber laser system for your own facility please visit our laser engraving division, Paragon Laser Systems, which manufacturers, installs and services a full product line of industrial laser part marking equipment.